Tarot Tracker : A Year-Long Journey

This December my second book will be released. The Tarot Tracker : A Year-Long Journey is a journal for your readings. The tracker was designed to be what I have wanted in a journal that I did not see out in the market. Something simple, easy, and without any sort of overload.

So it is a journal, what is special about it? The Tarot Tracker is for you to fill with your voice. To record down what you are learning from tarot, instead of being told by someone else what the tarot is. The tracker is meant to be your yearly record of your relationship with the tarot. 

Write your story, go on a journey and record your development with the tarot.  With 400 pages the Tarot Tracker features the following sections for your journey. 

  • Card of the Year

At the start of the journal, you will calculate your "Year Card". Every year has its own card, which has a possible influential energy for each person. This will often be unknown if you are not aware of the year’s card. For example, my book Tarot Unlocking the Arcana features on the cover The Hermit from the Tarot Illuminati. The book was released in 2016, which was a Hermit year. Knowing the connection shows what a great alignment this was, especially since the cover was selected without the book having a release date.

  • Meaning Tracker

The cards have many meanings; our understandings of the cards always expand and grow as we learn and use the cards. In this section, you will record the meanings that you resonate mostly with the cards. As the year progresses, at any point you like, you can add new meanings, and at the end of the year, you can see how you much you have learned.

  • Daily Tracker

Each day has a dedicated page with two options: a day reading and a night reading. You can do one or the other or both. Each will present to you a selection of questions you can ask along with the option to ask your own question. Daily readings are insightful and very helpful for understanding how the Tarot talks to you. They allow you to see how the cards can manifest in your everyday life. This will permit you to develop your personal knowledge base of Tarot meanings based on your experiences.

  • Seasonal Tracker

In addition to our daily lives, there are special times throughout the year that have signi cance and a Tarot reading is useful around these times. For example, New Years and birthdays are two seasonal events that many readers, including myself, do readings for ourselves. The seasonal tracker will keep track of these cyclical events. Because these events occur throughout the year, having easy access to them to review later on is important. Your Tarot Tracker will have it all in one easy, accessible place.


You can pre-oder the tracker on Amazon today.