Tarot Tracker : A Year-Long Journey

This December my second book will be released. The Tarot Tracker : A Year-Long Journey is a journal for your readings. The tracker was designed to be what I have wanted in a journal that I did not see out in the market. Something simple, easy, and without any sort of overload.

So it is a journal, what is special about it? The Tarot Tracker is for you to fill with your voice. To record down what you are learning from tarot, instead of being told by someone else what the tarot is. The tracker is meant to be your yearly record of your relationship with the tarot. 

Write your story, go on a journey and record your development with the tarot.  With 400 pages the Tarot Tracker features the following sections for your journey. 

  • Card of the Year

At the start of the journal, you will calculate your "Year Card". Every year has its own card, which has a possible influential energy for each person. This will often be unknown if you are not aware of the year’s card. For example, my book Tarot Unlocking the Arcana features on the cover The Hermit from the Tarot Illuminati. The book was released in 2016, which was a Hermit year. Knowing the connection shows what a great alignment this was, especially since the cover was selected without the book having a release date.

  • Meaning Tracker

The cards have many meanings; our understandings of the cards always expand and grow as we learn and use the cards. In this section, you will record the meanings that you resonate mostly with the cards. As the year progresses, at any point you like, you can add new meanings, and at the end of the year, you can see how you much you have learned.

  • Daily Tracker

Each day has a dedicated page with two options: a day reading and a night reading. You can do one or the other or both. Each will present to you a selection of questions you can ask along with the option to ask your own question. Daily readings are insightful and very helpful for understanding how the Tarot talks to you. They allow you to see how the cards can manifest in your everyday life. This will permit you to develop your personal knowledge base of Tarot meanings based on your experiences.

  • Seasonal Tracker

In addition to our daily lives, there are special times throughout the year that have signi cance and a Tarot reading is useful around these times. For example, New Years and birthdays are two seasonal events that many readers, including myself, do readings for ourselves. The seasonal tracker will keep track of these cyclical events. Because these events occur throughout the year, having easy access to them to review later on is important. Your Tarot Tracker will have it all in one easy, accessible place.


You can pre-oder the tracker on Amazon today.

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Unlocking The Arcana - The Aces

Have you ever wondered why the aces of the tarot do not depict any scene other than a hand coming forth from the clouds with the suits emblem? There is a reason for this.

Much of esoteric thought derives from Greek philosophy so this is where we must go to first to explore this topic. Since we are dealing with numbers we must look to the Pythagoreans.

The early philosophers attempted to explain what reality was made up of. Elements such as air, water or fire were offered up as the “stuff” the world was made up of. Pythagoras explained the physical world through mathematics. For the Pythagoreans, numbers are the eternal principle that animates everything. The power of number is realized and expressed in the cosmos, in the soul and in all things.[1]

The Monad (The One) is what the Pythagoreans called their first principle. However the Monad is not a number itself, it is the generator or originator of numbers.[2]

Each of the cards also has an esoteric title. Within the minor arcana the titles start with “Lord of”. For example, the Four of Swords is The Lord of Rest from Strife. The Aces do not have a lord title, instead they are “Root of the Power of” with the element of the suit. Ace of Wands is “Root of the Power of Fire”, Ace of Cups is “Root of the Power of Water” and so on for each suit.

The ace’s represent in one sense the Monad; in the case of tarot the ace’s are the originators of each element. They the “First Principle” or “Root” of each element.

This means that the Two’s are the first true number within the Pythagorean system and with Tarot, as we see it is in the two’s we have our first scenic images.


Why do the Ace’s depict a hand emerging from the clouds? This is an image of the Hand of God participating in Creation. In tarot, the hand is the divine craftsman. In Gnostic and Platonic language, this is the demiurge who created the world using raw materials (the four elements).[3]



[1] Stamatellos, Giannis (2012-03-02). Introduction to Presocratics: A Thematic Approach to Early Greek Philosophy with Key Readings (p. 23). Wiley. Kindle Edition.

[2] Ibid 23.

[3] Plato, Timaeus

Changing the Future - Mythology of The Flash and Once Upon a Time

As a tarot reader, part of what I do for myself and clients is peering into the future. Many people want to know what will happen in the future. Will they get the job they just interviewed for? Will they find the love of their life any time soon? How will their financial investments turn out? Those who do have a desire for some prognostication will turn to psychics or people like me, tarot readers.

Is there really a future? Does the future exist? If so, can it be predicted? Could we change the future if we knew what was going to happen? These are deep questions which can be addressed from different philosophical perspectives. However, as a tarot reader, I would answer, yes there is a future which is always in the process of creation. The future is an extension of the present, what we are doing in the present, impacts the creation of the future. Can it be predicted? Yes, I think it can to some degree, but predictions are not absolute, they are generally changeable.  

Can we change the future if we knew something bad was going to happen, something which displeased us? If we knew something horrible was going to happen what should we do? Stop living and spend our time focused on the future? Do we dread about the future? For the answer to this, I turn to pop culture. In two of the shows I watch regularly, Once Upon a Time (ABC) and The Flash (CW), this specific concern arises for the main characters. SPOILERS

In both shows, the main characters Emma Swan (Once) and Barry Allen/The Flash (Flash) both see a future which show their lives turning for the worst. Emma has reoccurring visions of the future in which she battles a black cloaked figure and dies. Emma’s lover in the show is Killian Jones (Captain Hook) and both of them desire to start a life together. In episode three of this season, knowing what her future could be, and keeping it hidden from Hook, she asked him to move in with her. The concern is though, Emma has seen her future, knows she will likely die in and thus would end up devastating Hook. Why do such a thing Emma? Give a man a false hope for a future together with her? Hook eventually finds out about Emma’s visions. However, they both move pass the deceit and we see the two of trying create some roots together.

Barry Allen is a speedster superhero known as The Flash. Because he runs so fast, he has the ability to run to the past. Throughout the series his romantic interest has been Iris West, who he is supposed to eventually get married to. In the current third season, Barry battles a villain speedster “god” known as Savitar. With the help of Jay Garrick (The Flash from Earth 3, there is a multiverse of earths) Barry gets his hands on the mystical stone which allows Savitar to enter his reality. Trying to prevent anyone from getting their hands on the stone and brining Savitar back, he throws it into the “speed force”. However, doing so throws Barry into the future (the first time ever for him) and in the future, he sees his future self failing to save Irsis, who is killed by Savitar.

Back tracking a little now, while communicating with Savitar through his human host, Savitar gives the Flash team a prophecy, “once shall betray you”, “One shall fall”, and "One Shall Suffer A Fate Far Worse Than Death!", Barry sees the future where Iris dies, “one shall fall” appears to be accurate.

Barry is brought back to the present by Jay where he explains to Barry how what he saw is but one possible future. There are Infinite possibilities he tells him. Barry does not tell the group what happened. Barry later bring Iris to an apartment and reveals to her that it is their new apartment, inviting her to live together. Barry tells Iris he does not know what will happen in the future, be he wants to spend every moment he can with her.

These two shows are good examples of modern mythology. Complex, timeless human issues are worked out in a fantasy world. They battle monsters and teach us lessons just like the myths of Greece. Both deal with the issue of seeing something in the future which they want to avoid, because each character suffers a great lose. Barry loses the love of his life, and Emma loses her own life. However, as we see in the show the message that is being given, the lesson or advise is that, the future is not set in stone. You do not have to accept what we saw as the be all end all. You have an option, you can be present right now, live your life to the fullest, love the person you love, proceed with your plans and so forth. Each character moves forward inviting their lover to live together and plant roots.

What will happen in each show, we do not yet know yet. But the message is clear, do not fear the future, live in the now. Which is very Buddhist in thinking. The Buddha taught that you should focus your attention in the present moment, and not to be distracted by the past or the future.

So, next time you shuffle your tarot cards and peak into the future. If you see something you do not like, want to avoid or cringe to see. Remember, you live in the now, you must live life to the best of your ability and never shrink away from the possibilities that life can offer and the do your damn best to create the future you want.